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A glimpse of the fox behind the website as he responds to some of the more common inquiries about both.

A Brief Introduction

The following was adapted from an early interview with me. The conversation touched on several issues that come up often enough about the BondoFox website and myself that I thought it would make a decent seed for a FAQ. I've added a few more entries since then to reflect changes in the website and address current concerns, thus the FAQ continues to evolve. If, in the future I find myself answering a particular question repeatedly, I'll more than likely post it here along with my response.

The Interview

What is a Furry?

Contrary to what you may have read in Vanity Fair or seen on CSI, MTV, or ER, being furry does not involve being homosexual, wearing a $3,000 fursuit, and screwing stuffed animals. All it means is that you like the idea of anthropomorphics in the first place, and possibly anthropomorphic artwork based on that idea. And that art can be drawn, written, or constructed. Incidently, this can include fursuiting. You can find out a little more about the term by visiting its entry in the Wikipedia.

What is "Furry Bondage"?

Anthropomorphic animals bound and gagged, of course! ; )

Why do you hate women?

Okay, hold it right there. I do not hate women! I love women, absolutely adore them! I even married one in 1982 and Iím still married to her; even got to tie her up a few times (even though she hates bondage, but donít get me started). Even took a vow to honor womanhood in the Order of DeMolay when I was 14.

Remember, everything you see here at BondoFox is fantasy Ė címon, how much more proof do you need of that than bipedal animals with language skills? Just because some of the stories and art depict females in non-consensual situations and scenarios does not mean that I, in real life, hate women at all! Trust me, I love women...donít understand Ďem, but I love Ďem to death : )

Why is BondoFox free?

Uh, because they haven't caught me yet? No, really, it's an interesting question deserving an honest answer. I like to collect bondage pictures and canít get the Good Stuff because I canít afford to subscribe to paysites. And I know Iím not alone. So as a service to you, the bondage/furry fan, I keep the gates open.

Also keeps me from screaming when the passwords get hacked and appear on the Hacked Passwords websites ; )

BondoFox also provides a service to the artists and writers, on my dime. They post their stuff, and with any luck they make some commission sales as well. In return I get furry bondage art and stories, which I share with you all!

Which leads to the other reason: I have very little of my own content here, even though I own the site. If I charged you for looking at it, Iíd be obliged to arrange royalty payments to the artists and writers here; Iíd end up with very little, and the payouts would be unbalanced since some talent is more popular than others, and Iíd need to run web tracking software to find out whoís going where looking at what, and thatís more work than Iím wanting to do.

What is the proper capitalization of your name?


Would you please describe your BondoFox persona?

Dominant male American brown fox, 5í8Ē 175 pounds or thereabouts, brown hair, green eyes, wears glasses, and lives to tie and gag females.

Who owns the rights to the art and stories posted here?

The original artists and writers. All I do is provide the hosting for Ďem. The site belongs to me and the work belongs to them.

Will you exchange links with me?

Sure! Just give me the link info and itís as good as done! And no, you donít have to be an adult webmaster. I do not, however, post banners. I donít want to give my hosting services the reputation that theyíre adult hosting services; theyíre not, even though they are liberal with allowing adult content to be shown. Additionally, I don't want BondoFox to be lumped in with the "porno" sites.

How can you operate without advertising banners?

Iím not in this commercially. Again, I donít sell memberships (although Iíd probably clean up if I did, Iíd have to work out royalty payments to everyone, and I wouldnít end up with much). There is, however, a tip jar called "Pay Cheriís Ransom" for people who would like to make a donation via PayPal to help keep BondoFox supported and thriving. A token system is in the works too, which is more anonymous and would allow for a way to drop in your ďpocket changeĒ. We now have a cafepress store with several T-shirt designs, mugs, teddies, and postcards for sale - even a snazzy baseball cap.

May I post your images or link your images from my site?

Emphatically, NO! If you want to contact the individual artists and writers and work something out with them, that's fine. If I see my content posted elsewhere though, Iíll contact the workís owner and ask if they approved it. If not, you will be asked to remove it (and youíd rather I asked you than the artist, in a lot of cases). It's all part and parcel of looking after their work, and it encourages them (hopefully!) to post more.

How can I be a part of BondoFox?

Read the Contributor Guidelines! If your work is quality and meets my very strict standards, youíre in!

If, however, you donít meet the standards but you pique my interest, you can find your work posted in the Amateur Gallery. There, you not only get BondoFox exposure, but hopefully you also get the encouragement to work harder and get better in the hopes of getting your own gallery page!

To qualify for an individual gallery page, you must provide 3 quality female furry bondage pictures. This also qualifies you for the BondoFox Profit Center, where you can advertise a portfolio or something you sell like commissions, videos, etc (furry-related of course!).

Do you accept male furs in bondage? What about herms?

I do accept male furs, but as the main thrust of BondoFox is female furries in bondage, theyíre relegated to a generic gallery. Herms, however, haven't been decided upon as of this writing and the idea is still pending a vote on the forums. If you have an opinion on this, go to the forums and make your voice heard!

May I draw BondoFox in bondage?

BondoFox is a Dom. Why would you want to do that?

How much do you charge for a commission?

First, don't get me confused with any of the other artists or writers (it's happened before!). If you want me to write you something, there's a few projects in front of you. If you actually want me to draw you something, sit down and have a coffee until your head clears.

Seriousness aside, if you'd actually like a commission from me, contact me and we'll discuss it.

Are you looking for female to tie up and photograph?

I have been in touch with a bigwig in the bondage entertainment industry who has been giving me some advice and information about realizing my Dream Job and becoming a bondage photographer.

The requirements are that you be female, over the age of 18 (preferably graduated out of high school), have 2 forms of identification (one with your picture), willing to sign a standard model release, preferably not tattooed, and able to follow direction. Sexual contact of any sort will not be and should not be expected.

Currently, I can't stray much out of the eastern Ohio/western Pennsylvania area, but if you meet the requirements and are interested (or interested but out of the area and willing to travel), . It doesn't mean you'll be selected, but it does mean you'll have a shot!

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