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Greetings, and welcome to "BondoFox Advanced" — or for those of you hopelessly addicted to acronyms "BF:ADV". You may largely ignore the following and begin your exploration of the premier website 9:29 PM 4/10/2009 to female furries in bondage and erotic peril.

What's New?

A new sketch by Darc Sowers of Code Name: Hunter fame!

I know, it's been almost 2 years, but I'm working and had to give you something at least!

More coming, stay tuned!

  • NEW ART by LoneFox, Levvar, and Dark Orange, all in their respective galleries!

    WELCOME! New artist Lone Fox now has his gallery under construction. You can also find his Christmas art in the Holiday's Gallery, but no peeking until December 25th!

    WELCOME! English pro-furry/pro-bondage rock band THE CATASTROPHES! Their 2 furry bondage videos are here for your viewing pleasure! In the Artist's Directory in the Special Themes Gallery under Bondage Music Videos

    NEW ART by Mapper!
    ALso by Mapper, a pic in the Holiday's Gallery under "Halloween"!

    NEW ART by Bondagecoon!

    NEW ART by Dark Orange!

    NEW ART by Max Blackrabbit! UPDATE -- FurAffinity artist Kotenokgaff did a feral sketch of me! Find it in the Fanart Gallery!

    UPDATE -- New artist Kalico Kitten opens with her gallery!

    UPDATE -- New artist Dark Orange now has his own gallery!

    UPDATE -- New artist Bondagecoon now has his own gallery, too!

    UPDATE -- NEW MASCOT! My TapestriesMUCK slave and mate Cotton_Lop joins Cheri Skunk and her slave/my twin sister Christyne "Silkenvixen" Vixxen as an Official BondoFox Mascot! My latest picture of her you can find in the Mascots Gallery, with more to come shortly!

    UPDATE -- New pic by David Hopkins in his gallery! -- UPDATE!

    UPDATE -- New pics by BondoFox in my gallery! -- UPDATE!

    UPDATE -- WELCOME new BondoFox artist Dea with a new pic in The Others gallery! -- UPDATE!

    -- New pic by Xian Jaguar in the Fanart gallery!

    -- New pic by Roz Gibson In the Fanart gallery!!

    -- New pic by Max Blackrabbit in his gallery!

    New Art, and Anthrocon 2010! Old news while I update behind the scenes:

    Had a wonderful time, you should'a been there!

    Yep, I saw the last update date, almost 8 months since the last update! I kind of got my tail into gear after hearing someone badmouthing me to my sister on SecondLife about how I've been spending my time on my paysite The BondoFox Bondage Experience rather than here. True, The BBE is an income-generating for-profit venture, and true I need the money; the Tip Jar here is kinda filled with cobwebs. But I still have a commitment to this site and to you, The Teeming Millions, who come here for their furry bondage fix.

    I'll be working with Vikki Vixen soon (I hope!) to straighten out a couple of issues that are preventing people from seeing some of the updates that have gone up. And I think I now know why I couldn't build any new Galleries. So there's new art and new artists coming, which I've promised before, which will finally become reality.

    Thanks! for sticking with me

    So to kick off, I have 2 new pics in the Fan Art section. And both by female artists! And both by high-profile furry artists, both of whom are no stranger to bondage! Xian Jaguar and Roz Gibson were commissioned by My Good Self to draw me at Anthrocon 2010, and they did incredible jobs! Please enjoy their work in the Fanart Gallery!

    Next stop: New galleries for new furry girls in bondage!

    OH! To the artist who sent me the CD: Yes, you sent it to the right place! And please drop me an email, I mislaid your letter with the name you want me to use!

    In the next update, new artists on the website!

    What's been keeping BondoFox so busy?

    I, BondoFox, your charming and gracious host, has a real-live-girl-in-bondage website now, The BondoFox Bondage Experience. It's cheap, it's good, there's content a-plenty, rush on over and lemme know what you think — yes, it is furry-friendly, too! I also featute art by My Good Self, my former sub Eclair, and Iron Badger! Plus art of mundane girls in bondage by the lovely and talented Andre of Andre's Toon Damsels.Com!

    Newest Artists!

  • Dea, with his first-ever furry bondage piece!
  • Dark Orange has a new gallery, and so does Bondagecoon!
  • New Art!

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    Newest Stories!

    • Nathan Cowen, author of the powerful FireFox series, is at it again, taking us into the mind of yet another member of Dynotaku's chimera covert ops team, Fox Force. Chapters seven, eight, nine, and ten have just been added. Click here to start at the beginning of TechnoFox.

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