Iron Badger

"They can kill you just as dead with a pointed stick..."Iron Badger dropped out of nowhere one day, and immediately began contributing his collection of submissive furry femmes to me for the Gallery. His talent is incredible in my opinion. The funny thing is, he's still a newcomer to the serious D/s world! He could fool me. He also administrates the Yahoo! group Adult Furry Spanking and Bondage and frequently posts art for sale on Furbid. Some of the art you see here are also available as prints for purchase. He now has his own website on Furnation, and is soon to be featured on PlanetFurry.

Iron Badger's work includes some non-bondage pictures that feature spanking (his serious interest), and he's taken to drawing some of the characters of Kittiara's story Trouble's Tales (also proudly featured here at BondoFox).

You are currently in the presence of 200+ Iron Badger prints, not counting works currently appearing in the Trouble's Tales or Male Fur galleries, S. M. Wolf's story Kayla, or the Spanking Gallery! Go Badger go!!!

Iron Badger is compiling data sheets on his bondage furries! Click the girl's link to read about her! He'll be adding more to the collection, but in the meanwhile, here are the first two.

Contact Information

Personal Information

  • Age: 41
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Chinese year of the Dragon.
  • Handedness: Left
  • Interests: I am into historical study, biology, and wildlife studies; hunting, fishing and shooting sports. I collect antique guns, swords and other weapons, and used to make my living for some years as a custom knifemaker and general craftsman. I am an experienced costumer, and made uniforms for civil war re-enactors for awhile. I used to be an SCA fighter, and I've tried most forms of combat games including paintball and Rapier fencing. I'm a long-time science fiction fan, and have been in the furry fandom since 1983 - before it had a name or was organized as a fandom per se. I currently work for a small, independent comics publisher (Shanda Fantasy Arts) and have for years. I've been printed and paid by some other publishers as well.
  • Artistic Influences: Well, there are many; but I would have to say the biggest and most important have been Steve Gallacci and Deal Whitley. Other influences include Ken Sample, Terrie Smith, Joe Kubert and John Severin.

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